Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Did You Feed Ethan Oatmeal for Breakfast?" and Train Horns....

This afternoon I went to get Jenna's oatmeal out of the cupboard and noticed it was not where I left it......

A little back story - Ethan had a reaction(rash bt not hives) to oats when he was first introduced to it.... We confirmed an oat allergy when he was about 1 year old. Ever since, Ethan has never eaten oats. Although he still eats the baby cereal like a hot cereal, Rice, Barley and Wheat. Oats are in a lot of cold cereal and he has never taken to eating the other options..... anyway, needless to say, Jenna has now started solids and I have given her oatmeal with no problem....but her cereal box looks like Ethan's box....

The other issue at hand is that our town "forgot" or rather did not comply with the FRA(Federal Rail Assoc.) law changes in the past 5 or six years since it was changed and has resulted in the expiration of the QUIET ZONE in our town. Therefore they must blast their horns every time they cross the street on the railroad tracks.... We live 3 houses and across the 2 lane street from a train station and it has been a rough several days as every train, even at 5:10 am and 11pm lays on the horn. So not much "great sleep" is happening in the Holley house.....

So I kicked Scott out of bed this morning: middle of the night infant needs and train horns and a late night getting to bed just were not allowing for a good rest.... I just could not roll out..... So Scott apparently as sleep deprived as I, or just a little behind me.... Rolled half awake out of bed and fed Ethan breakfast.....

Back to this afternoon finding the Oatmeal in a different location I asked Scott if he had given Oatmeal for Ethan's breakfast, and he is pretty sure he did "Oh my gosh I think I might have. I just grabbed the first thing I saw!".... Nothing happened to Ethan thank goodness, but I am not sure whether or not Ethan is really "allergic"..... I suppose we shall see next time we see the allergist....

I am a bit dumbfounded and maybe he has grown out of it... Who knows!!! But seriously these trains are starting to effect our minds one way or the other!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jumping into June

"Kiss Me Mommy! My bib says they are the best and I want you to have the best sweet potato kiss ever!"

Chunky Thighs

Rolly Jenna found the curtain and the wall...

Peek a Boo!

Camping + about 5.5 hours of sleep in a tent = Passed out Ethan 5 minutes into watching "Cars"....

Daddy and kids adorable duo.

"My Love Camping"

Marshmallows will make for a great night ahead!

Mowing the lawn with bubbles! Thank you Mimi!

Batters Up! Don't worry mom, it's a padded bat.

Sunday afternoon.... and Sunny! Doesn't get any better than that!

"Play Soccer with me?"

Sorry for the few weeks of no posting here - Busy busy and more busy of whatever it is that I do as a mom. We have been trying to get out side when weather permits and we have definitely had some great sunny days to spend in the new and improved back yard. Even the kiddie pool has been filled a few times to beat the heat!

Here is the update on all specimens living in this house....

Scott - Working away at his relatively new job. Roasting in our bedroom that has no AC behind a closed door "Saving the Financial World" I quote. Well not completely but he is doing his thing in there none the less. Scott finished up the back yard and it looks great! With a little help from Google, Home Depot and YouTube - we have a very nice play space in the back of our apartment.

Britt - Just hanging on to "the fact that this part of life is a phase, and it too shall pass". Let's just say some days of being a mommy are better than others. I am excited to have a project coming up. I am doing the wedding favors for a wedding in August. I am super excited and will post pics of the finished product then. Candy Buffet here I come!!!

Ethan - In a hitting phase. In a play soccer or baseball phase. I a let's just get a little crazy phase. Lets just say the time out seat is warm a lot these days. But in his off the hot seat time he enjoys playing with friends, kicking a soccer ball and talking and or parroting mommy phrases. Apparently everything is his right now too. Jenna gets a good laugh from his silliness and so do I. He is very cute but let's be honest Terrible twos are a rough time for everyone. But I still love the kids a ton! I especially love that he asks for "Piggy kisses and a big Squeeze" at bed time:)

Jenna - Rolling around and finding new frontiers on the green carpet. She has a new excersaucer and loves to bounce in it and is learning how to spin in it. She is teething - but no pearly whites have busted out yet. She is laughing more and showing a bit more personality. She loves her food and is just super cute most of the time.

House plants - I have officially cared for 2 house plants for 1 year and have not killed them - success!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daddy's little helper and a serious baby with a little spunk

Up close and personal~ Jenna 5 months old

What's this I found mom? Ohhh those belong to me!?
There is another half I didn't know about?

I just can't smile enough!

I love my life in the cute lane...

Ethan and Jenna kicking it in the jungle...

What is going on here? Scott is making Ethan lay the sod, well with a little help:)


On one side you see the grass and the other the dirt, it's a before and after shot!

Ethan fluffing the bush - it has to be just right...
You can't really see it but so begins the fascination with a little worm....

Playing with the worm "snake"...

In Ethan's own words.. "Worm is broken, fix it mommy?"
He has each end of the poor thing in each hand.... if only mommy had enough superpowers to fix the broken worm.

Jenna - a serious avid reader of baby books.

Last Monday the week started off pretty good. I was on my A game and actually obliged Scott to another hair cut - it happens every now and then that I give in and do it rather than be lazy and tell him to go somewhere they are certain to cut it too short. I got the Scissors out and set up in front of the TV - this is a little insight into a bit of our marriage... Scott was watching a WWII show and I don't think I could have done a good job cutting his hair to a very fashion lacking show - it was very fortunate that my sister informed me that the new season of the Bachelorette was on... which I insisted we watch while I cut his hair - 25 guys stepping out of a limo was definitley going to give me a lot of haircuts to gain inspiration from right? Well not really - but Scott was nice enough to let me do that while asking I gouge his eyes out with the scissors. Let's just say sometimes out taste in TV clashes, but if you want it your way get the scissors out.

Scott left Tuesday and did not get back until Saturday morning. So of course after leaving the Boston oven heated up to 80+ degrees and I sucked up and prayed for no back injuries and hauled 2 AC units up tot he kids rooms - I can handle the heat but you know they are hot when they need several refills at night.
We did 2 days at the park and one of those days we spent 3 hours basking in the sun and playing hard. Ethan made a new girl friend too, they played together for at least an hour and after we left I asked him if he had fun playing with the little girl and his reply was...

"Uh huh, she's cute!"

I had to laugh, this boy is going to be a chick magnet, he himself is just adorable and I don't think the ladies are going to be able to resist.

After playing super hard that day - Ethan went to bed with such ease - which is nice when the bedtime routine falls all on me alone - He crawled in after saying his prayers and said he was going to "fix my tired"...

Thursday night I was desperate to get out and paid a babysitter to listen for my kids while I went and enjoyed a Stampin' Up craft night, which was so much fun! Nice to get out! By Friday I was pretty exhausted and had just about had it. But I managed to keep it together and attempt letting Ethan help make some cookies. He is so funny, he hates the noise the mixer makes and would run for the hills when it turned on! I hope he gets over some fears before Disney World in Sept. Changing Ethan's diaper has become a bit of a wrestling match at times and I was about to lose it when I finally got him up to pull his pants on, he gave me the biggest hug and a big kiss on the cheek and said "i love you mommy".... I melted. Kids can just make you nut one minute and then just be the best friend you have.

Saturday Scott finally arrived back from the SF Bay area and took Ethan to Swim class and then they worked on the backyard as seen above. It was a jam packed week of lots of things. Keeping busy makes time fly! Jenna is showing more and more personality everyday and is just so fun to watch and play with.

That is all I got as I am so tired but have to prepare some first aid info for Saturdays Emergency Preparedness fair!

Tee Tee for now - Ta ta for then!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011